Are you Prepared For Bear?


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Why We Prepare

“If you don’t have the ability to do things such as provide your own food and water and your own commodities to your citizens for the first 48 to 72 hours…I can’t guarantee that we can be right on time to backfill everything you need.” — FEMA Administrator Brock Long, 2018

The statement above is the reason we prepare my friends! If FEMA can’t be there for your family – who else will be? You will – of course!

What Is Prepared For Bear?

Prepared For Bear is a FREE resource provided by Paratus International LLC – a Florida company dedicated to Disaster Management and Continuity of Business Planning since 2006. Contact us if you’d like to create a personalized Disaster Management Plan for your family or business.

The Prepared For Bear mission is to help urbanites and suburbanites create a preparedness plan utilizing readily available resources without having to learn a lot of new skill sets.

In other words – we’re not teaching how to head for the hills, make fire with friction or filter water through gravel, sand and charcoal filters – there are plenty of other excellent websites teaching those skills already.

Our methodology shows you how to prepare for common weather events that affect your area – be they hurricanes, winter storms, tornadoes etc; and to be prepared for most anything else you’ll encounter – even if you’re forced to evacuate!

The Prepared for Bear system has three components
  • The Prepared for Bear Ready Reference Guide – specifically written to be light on fluff and heavy on checklists – most of which are available here on – as long as the internet servers are up and the lights are on!

    The Prepared for Bear Ready Reference Guide is an excellent back-up when disaster strikes, the lights go out or in case you have to evacuate. It’s available as an e-book download.
  • This FREE blog site – where you’ll find links for information on education and online resources, how-to-videos, and products – without waiting for ads or pop-ups to load.
  • Our Prepared for Bear podcast is hosted on multiple platforms including Spotify, Apple, Google and just to name a few. New episodes are posted every Wednesday with updates on events like the COVID-19 pandemic, hurricanes, floods etc. and we introduce related skills, new products, prep tips and help disaster victims find resources. Archived episodes are housed here. Feel free to contact us with questions or comments via the form on the contact page. 
A couple of quick caveats
  • Preparedness is personal – what’s works for you may not work for others  
  • The checklists on the blog or in the guide are not set in stone – make them work for you.
  • We don’t do paid endorsements – if PFB mentions a product on the blog or in the guide, it’s either in our preparedness kit today or we’ve used the item in the past. Advertising on the podcast keeps this site ad free! When PFB uses an advertisers product, we’ll disclose that to you.
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  • We’ll ALL get thru “what-ever” together.
Legal stuff: The author, editor, publisher, retailers, nor the persons or agencies mentioned in the Prepared For Bear Ready Reference Guide, on or on the Prepared For Bear podcast assume any liability for the misuse of the information or skills presented on the platforms. You the reader/listener assume all responsibility and liability knowing that your ability to perform in austere conditions depends entirely upon the skill sets you choose to perfect and the preparedness level you maintain.
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