Cyber Attacks & Infrastructure Threats


The USA and much of the rest of the world is dependent on the Internet and computers for everything from banking, industrial production to home appliances and personal communications.  Cyber-attacks and infrastructure threats have become part of our digital world reality. 

While most of us are familiar with computer viruses, ransomware, denial of service (DoS) and other digital attacks on our personal computers, smart phones, and tablets, we are generally unschooled in the greater threat from organized cyber warfare and cyber infrastructure attacks.

Most experts state that we should expect at least one cyber-attack in our lifetime and that we need to start to prepare.

How a cyber-attack might affect you and your family
  • Cyber-attacks are designed to affect electrical power grids, water systems, or banking systems
  • Gas stations may not operate or fuel may be in short supply – imagine no fuel oil for winter heat, no electricity for air conditioning  
  • Retail stores may be unable to stock goods, common consumables may disappear
  • A “domino-effect” may result with cascading losses of infrastructure and systems – the effects of which could be minutes, hours, days, week, or even months
Preparing for cyber threats
  • If prepared for regular disasters, you’ll be better off than those who are not
  • Always focus on the basics – shelter, water, food
  • Be prepared for having limited communications reduced and/or no access to the Internet
  • Keep cash on hand to address at least two weeks of routine expenditures
What to expect and do after a cyber attack
  • Do not overreact; the casualties from a massive cyber-attack are not immediate
  • Rely on your emergency supplies, preparedness pantry, and other stocks only if needed
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