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Prepared For Bear Online Ready Reference Guide

The Prepared For Bear blog and the Ready Reference Guide are two resources to help you prepare – ideally in advance of a need for a preparedness plan.

The benefit of the blog is that we update it regularly with news, products and videos designed to help you upgrade your preparedness and skill levels. The printed guide is your resource should the SHTF and you need direction immediately – especially when tech and infrastructure failures occur.

Whether you utilize one or the other – or if you’re old school – BOTH – the time prepare is now!

The education section is broken down into a series of subheadings containing the chapters as published in the print version of the Prepared For Bear Ready Reference Guide – the main difference being – the print version works even when the lights go out! (Prep isn’t always serious folks – laughter is good for the soul)

Click through the sections and the associated links and get prepared today.

Don’t be caught flatfooted when the next pandemic spreads and don’t be the one waiting in line when temperatures drop or winds and seas rise. When you live prepared, you’re prepared to live!

Legal stuff: The author, editor, publisher, retailers, nor the persons or agencies mentioned in the Prepared For Bear Ready Reference Guide, on or on the Prepared For Bear podcast assume any liability for the misuse of the information or skills presented on the platforms. You the reader/listener assume all responsibility and liability knowing that your ability to perform in austere conditions depends entirely upon the skill sets you choose to perfect and the preparedness level you maintain.
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