Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Threats


Little is known about the potential threat from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attacks and natural threats from solar flare activity, yet EMP is one of the greatest threats the USA faces today. 

It doesn’t take an evil foreign power to trigger a nationwide EMP event — EMP events are regularly caused by overactive sunspot activity and solar flares – we’ve just not seen one of the magnitude needed to interrupt our way of life.  Should that ever occur, our digital way of life will most likely cease to be.

  • If you’ve made a basic preparedness plan, you’re ahead of the game
  • Most modern vehicles, electronics and equipment could be rendered useless
  • Cellphones or the internet probably will not work, nor will ATM’s
  • Ration food carefully – rely on available supplies from regular sources as long as possible
  • Use your preparedness pantry only when it becomes absolutely necessary
  • Focus on the long-term and make a plan on how to survive during the recovery period
  • Plan on moving out of an EMP affected zone if you can.
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