Man-made disasters

Man’s Inventions – CBRN

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Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Issues

Prepared for Bear would not be complete if these man-made disaster were not covered in some context.  We’ve included this information to give readers a basic understanding of the subject material.

As someone who has lived the preparedness lifestyle for over half my life – I’ve come to the humble understanding that there’s only so much anyone can do.  So for the sake of simplicity – if you have a plan in place – with the basic needs of shelter, food, water, daily medicines and those needs of your pets met – you’ve done most all you can do.

What’s written next are the basics – and we leave you – our fellow preppers – to do further research on your own.

Identifying the main types of CBRN and non-conventional threats
  • Chemical weapons – dispersal of chemical toxins
  • Biological weapons – state sponsored dispersals of germs or lab-created pandemics
  • Radiological – the use of dirty bombs
  • Nuclear – be it a state sponsored or terrorist manufactured bomb or fall-out from a nuclear power plant accident – either by human error or natural disaster.
  • Cyber-attacks designed to cripple or destroy critical infrastructure like power grids, and communications
  • EMP attacks – either from a nuclear bomb exploded high above or a naturally occurring solar flare
General tips of preparing yourself against WMD and non-conventional threats
  • Discuss the risks with your family and friends and be open about preparedness
  • Develop separate plans to shelter-in-place or evacuate
  • Customize your plan based on your location, and proximity to threats
  • Understand what you have to do to limit your exposure to the threats
  • Know what steps to take if you are exposed – such as how to cut off and dispose of affected clothing and  how to wash properly after potential exposure
  • Learn the signs of easily observed signatures – sharp odors, dead plants, insects, and animals or out of place color residue
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