Nuclear weapons attacks are no longer simply a nation-state threat.  

Since 9/11, the consideration of terrorists initializing a radiological attack utilizing a “dirty bomb” has been real and added training for our nation’s first responders. 

Even natural disasters can bring nuclear threats, such as what happened after the tsunami damaged the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan.

One of the resources utilized for Prepared for Bear was an interview with a Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear warfare specialist from the Marine Corps.  When the subject of radiological and nuclear risks came up, he jokingly retitled the project, “Prepare to Hibernate.”

His explanation was simple – if you’re far enough away from the event, follow the instructions of authorities.  He reiterated that having a preparedness plan and the ability to shelter in place was the best first choice – and if forced to evacuate, to go upwind and away from ground zero.

Gas Masks and MOPP Gear

When our discussion turned to what equipment the average citizen should consider, we were in agreement that most people are untrained in the use and maintenance of such equipment and for the sake of simplicity – we should stick with what we know.

The main point to this choice stemmed from what we witnessed with the spread of the CCP Corona Virus and most civilians not understanding how to dispose of their contaminated masks and gloves.  This was evidenced by the amount of PPE tossed on the ground in the parking lots in front of the grocery stores, drug stores and other essential businesses that remained open..

What protective equipment should you buy?
  • Surgical, N95 or P100 masks
  • Appropriate disposable coveralls, gloves and booties (foot covering)
  • If you’re experienced – perhaps a half-face respirator that utilize P100 filters
You may be able to take a thyroid blocking agent

Potassium iodide and potassium iodate are called thyroid blockers when used in radiation protection. If a person consumes a dose of one of these chemical compounds, his or her thyroid may saturate with stable iodine, preventing accumulation of radioactive iodine found after a nuclear reactor meltdown or explosion.  Consult your physician for information on these products to determine if you can take them.

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